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1 Micron 20inch pleated jumbo filter

1 Micron 20inch pleated jumbo filter

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Pentair 20 inch Jumbo Polypleat 1 micron Water Filter 

Pentair 20 inch Big Polypleat 1micron Water Filter

20 inch, Jumbo 20 x 4-1/2 polypleated Pentair water filter cartridge 1 Micron. Fits all jumbo 20 inch housings. Manufactured with 100% synthetic fiber media.

Water Filter FEATURES:

  • High Isotopic Strength
  • Gently washable and re-usable
  • Pleated material to maximise dirt holding capacity
  • Longer Filtration runs for fewer change outs and less maintenance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Capped with vinyl plastisol with FDA acceptable components
  • No resins binders or surfacants nothing to break down or leach during filtration

Pentair 20 inch Jumbo Polypleat 1micron Water Filter Part Number:

Pentek PP01LD2 Water Dispensing & Filtration
1 Micron polypleat filter cartridge.  1 micron pleated filter cartridge.


Media:  Polyester
Size:   Outside Diameter 500mm x 115mm (20” x 4½”)
Micron:  1 Micron nominal for fine sediment removal
Designed for Standard 20" filter″ housings

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